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  • 【Perfect Design】This transparent storage tank makes your pets to find the inside food directly.The special " Slow - Feeding " inner structure may control the speed of your pets eating, avoiding indigestion caused by overeating and protecting snacks from crushing,extending the playing time.
  • 【Safe Material】The perfect combination of high quality PP and PC material extends the using life of it.The lovely and cute appearance design makes both you and your pets can't help loving and playing it.
  • 【Tumbler and Bell Design】The tumbler and inside bell design will arouse cat's curiosity. Ideal for interactive fun for most cats. A fun toy gives your cat mental and physical stimulation. The inside bell design excites pets from hearing, it is especially designed to produce a sound just enough to lure the pet and not loud enough to disturb you .
  • 【Multiple Use】Relieving anxiety, loneliness, destroying behavior.Make your pet dog enjoy fun and snacks from pleasure.It is a good interactive toy for you to reward or accompany your pet
  • 【How to Prepare】Open the toy.Put their loved food and snacks inside the storage tank of this toy.Close the toy.
Why do pets need to food dispenser ball toys? It can: 1. Accompany pets at home 2. Adjust pet emotions 3. Interact with pets Beneficial Intelligence Leakage Toy Prevent pets from devouring Eat while playing Puzzle solution lack ,relieve anxiety. Tips: 1. Be sure not to add foods, meats, biscuits, dog foods with a diameter of 15mm or more. 2. Please don't add sticky food Features: 1.Transparent material Visible transparent material, internal snacks visible, to attract attention of the dog. 2. Can hold small snacks When the owner is not at home, you can put some snacks in the leaker, that is, you can accompany it to play without starvation. 3.The lid can be disassembled Convenient and practical.After the lid is opened, put the snack into it. 4. Eat while playing When the dog is playing, it can leak out the snacks inside, that is, have fun without starvation. Small Bone Shape:11*9*5(4.33in*3.54*1.97in),better for cats. Small Tumbler : 6.5*6.5*9(2.56in*2.56in*3.54),better for cats. Large Tumbler 9.5*9.5*14(3.74in*3.74in*5.51in),better for your dogs.

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