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  • High purity, 100% pure freshwater, "Codex Food Grade" Diatomaceous Earth.
  • Optimum safety profile. Does not contain unsafe levels of heavy metals unlike brown or grey "feed grade" diatomaceous earths.
  • Safe for chickens to ingest.
  • Certified for use in organic systems by Organic Farmers and Growers.
  • Superior volume diatomaceous earth. More volume per kg.
DiaGuard® Natural Poultry Protector is made from 100% fresh water, high purity diatomaceous earth, an amorphous silicate which is a completely inert material. Diatomaceous earth is known for its naturally large volume and extreme porosity. These unique characteristics lend DiaGuard® the ability to absorb large volumes of liquids acting as a desiccant. DiaGuard® keeps chicken bedding dry therefore improving the living conditions for poultry. DiaGuard® is odour-less, non-staining and remains effective as long as the product is present and dry.

Diaguard® Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth Natural Poultry Protector 5kg B009Z1MLLQ

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